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E-commerce News

Business software integrates online business

The software allows Defontana efficiency and profitability because it integrates all administrative and accounting processes

Business software integrates online business

Business software integrates online business

Defontana , a leading Chilean company in software in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 100% online, comes to Peru to strengthen business jointly between companies in Chile, Peru and Mexico, main strategic partners of the Pacific Alliance (AP ), allowing to enhance the economic benefits provided by this economic bloc.

The software Defontana allows efficiency and profitability because it integrates all administrative and accounting business processes, having the information available in real time in the cloud (online).

International aenor, an organization based in Spain, dedicated to the development of standardization and certification (N + C) in all industrial and service sectors, is a clear example because it opted for the ERP software 100% web Defontana for management Chile, Peru and Mexico. When I needed an ERP that worked in the Pacific Alliance, he immediately thought Defontana .

Xabier Conde Marin, Controller of Aenor International stressed that ease of use and the ability to export to Excel, among other sections, convinced him to choose that service. “The ERP 100% web is a very positive point, therefore, eliminates dependence on servers and management thereof, enhancing also, if you need, remote work,” he said.

When Chilean companies looking to diversify investments in other countries in the region, such as Peru, also often go hand in hand with its strategic partners, with the support of Defontana and ERP 100% online, which is already available in the country, being the sectors with the greatest demand commercial, services, retail, mining, production and manufacturing.

Proof of this is also that since its inception in 2009, the Chilean company digital satellite television in HD, TuVes, uses 100% web Defontana software in order to support its administrative and accounting management. By expanding its services to Peru he brought this technology as also runs operations in Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

Business conference in software and IT: 700 quotations and expectations for more than US $ 49 million

Business conference in software and IT: 700 quotations and expectations for more than US $ 49 mi

Comparators four countries met in New York the potential of the technology services industry and Colombian software, as well as options to invest in the country in this sector.

Seven hundred appointments in a day five hours, which brought together more than 60 Colombian exporters and 105 international buyers are some results of the conference business software and services industry’s largest IT Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and ProColombia organized in New York.

The meeting left more than US $ 49 million in business expectations, representing new opportunities for the expansion of the IT industry in Colombia and abroad. In a marathon day in which reached up to 10 appointments per exporter, entrepreneurs from export markets opportunity like the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico they found new business options in the country.

“Colombia is very solid. It has a huge competitive advantage and do not have to envy any American company. Offers very interesting and experienced in areas such as animation and applications portfolio, “said Carlos Montaño, representing Brandshark Group, a US company acquired the services of Bogota Hit Combo to develop applications for restaurantesen New York.

It was one of the businesses closed in the commercial meeting held during the launch of the campaign ‘Colombia Bring it on’ and Thursday officially presented the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications, Diego MolanoVega, in order to position to Colombia as a provider of software and IT services, and as a destination for foreign investment in this sector.

“The campaign is the beginning of a positioning strategy for international companies think of Colombia to do business, either in investment or in terms of exports.ProColombia activities to promote this industry are aligned to the concept of it, “said the vice president of the Foreign Investment promotion agency, Juan Carlos Gonzalez.

United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, and Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Spain and the UK are some of the markets where ProColombia has identified opportunities for the domestic software industry and IT, and where it will work to publicize the brand.

digital strategy to boost the IT industry

The launch of ‘Colombia Bring it on’, as well as the business conference of this industry in New York, were accompanied by the presentation of the portal colombiabringiton.procolombia.co , the main tool of this campaign will be supported in digital media and specialized for dissemination and positioning.

On this website foreign businessmen interested in doing business in Colombia find in one place information of national supply, plans created by the Government to promote this sector, success stories of both exporting companies as installed and, in general, a complete portfolio of iT solutions offered by the country.

In fact one of the novelties of the trade meeting in New York also sought to promote investment in the sector.

“Colombia clearly bets on the topic of ICT as a tool for development. There is interest from foreign investors for several reasons: there is a domestic market that is interesting, but additionally, it is an ideal to cover other markets in the region platform.The country is an option rather interesting business for foreign companies by the quality of human resource, its location (geographic) and the ability to meet customer needs quickly and with quality, “concluded Vice Foreign Investment ProColombia.

Software and IT industry in figures

November closes with expectations of business software and it in Colombia’s $28 million

During the International Conference of the industry of software and it in Bogota, the Colombian Federation of the Software industry and TI (Fedesoft), he concluded that for the month of November the country closed with business expectations of 28 million dollars in the sector.

They are then 38 Latin American shoppers and of United States interested in the Colombian developments where outstanding issues as mobile applications, software applications cross, computer security and digital content.

Of these expectations usually 50% or 60% of businesses are generated effective…” We must take into account that the Colombian software industry has a very good international reputation especially in Central America”, explico Paola Restrepo, Executive President of Fedesoft.

More interested in business countries are Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama.

However, since Fedesoft, he insists that the ICT Ministry has asked and is that to strengthen the sector, the main challenge is the human talent, so it will require more professionals in areas of technology.